A Sit-Down Q&A With Packers Josh Jackson

In this interview Josh Jackson sits down and discusses his college experience, who he thinks are the best cornerbacks in the NFL and much more.

Q: Talk to me about your NFL combine experience, what was the process like?

A: Going into it there was a lot of anxiety because you know you don’t really have the physical experience of going through it yourself, you kind of just ask around. I have a bunch of boys that have been there. I kind of knew what to expect but you know it’s always better whenever you get your own experience. But you know it was a fun experience to go there. I feel the toughest thing about it was the mental part. You have got to be mentally tuned in everyday, 24/7, just to be able to get through it.


Q: Did you make any friends at the combine?

A: Yeah, I met a whole bunch of people. Especially people at my position, at corner. I knew a bunch of boys from NC State and just all over the place. But, I made a whole bunch of friends.


Q: What is the weirdest thing you have ran into during the draft process?

A: I think, it’s kind of weird but it’s good, I guess the food part, seriously. Because the food is so good but its so bad for you. We eat like seven course meals every time we go out so the main thing is trying to stay in shape while you eat and have a balance for yourself. You go to these different places, your traveling four days, five days out of the week and you don’t have any time to workout, all your doing is eating good food. So, its good but it’s bad.


Q: What types of questions did teams ask you?

A: During the combine I didn’t really have to many crazy answers, it was all pretty business-like and straightforward. Nothing weird. During the combine the only main question I got now was about being a one-year starter.


Q: What team’s did you have the best experience with?

A: The Titan’s went really well, Miami was really good and the Buccaneers were really cool too.


Q: What did they specifically ask you about being a one-year starter?

A: They just wanted to see how I would be able to make the transition from college to the NFL by only starting one year. That’s the main thing but I just told them I feel mature enough, I feel ready. I know what I can do, that’s the main thing.


Q: Who do you want to be drafted by?

A: See, that’s the hardest question because I have no control about it but growing up I was a Cowboys fan so I guess that’s the best answer I could probably give.


Q: A lot of top cornerbacks are being talked about like Denzel Ward for example but what separates you from those type of guys?

A: Well, for me I know I’m one of the most athletic cornerbacks, one of the smartest in the draft. In my mind I know what I’m best at and I know what I can do so I know I will be able to be successful.


Q: From a football perspective, what has been your toughest challenge the past few years?

A: For me, I didn’t start my first couple years. I just played nickel the first two years so the toughest thing was just trying to get on the field and the waiting process to be a full-time starter. Once I finally got the job it took off from there.


Q: What was your favorite college game?

A: Ohio State. [2017-18 Season] I would say just because as a team effort we kicked their ass. Growing up Ohio State is always a team I wanted to play against and we finally got the opportunity this past year and we whopped them so that’s always fun.


Q: Do you talk trash?

A: Yeah, I talk trash. It really depends on how I’m feeling. Usually, I don’t start it but if they start yapping off I already have a good background on them. I don’t say anything too explicit but I do my homework. Usually, it’s just off the top of the dome, I’ll just say whatever. It just depends, I’ve got to be in the moment but usually I know how to get them [wide receivers] pretty riled up.


Q: So, you saw J.T. Barrett’s sweatshirt that shows a silhouette of you picking him off. What’s your reaction to that?

A: That’s awesome. Glad he wore it. I don’t know if it was real or fake but it was pretty funny.


Q: Do you think he was being sarcastic?

A: Uh, I don’t know. Probably so. He’s a funny guy but he’s a cool dude though.


Q: Who do you think is the best cornerback in the NFL?

A: Right now, before I get there, I would say Richard Sherman or Patrick Peterson. I like Aqib Talib too. I like Richard Sherman, I’m actually pretty good friends with him.  We talk pretty frequently.


Q: What are some things Sherman has talked to you about?

A: Mainly just how to prepare for games, what to look for and he’s just been helping me through the process.


Q: What type of stuff has he said to you about preparation?

A: He’s just taught me a lot what to expect formation wise, down and distance, just how to read offenses a lot better.


Q: Who else has reached out to you besides Sherman?

A: As far as corners, just really him, that’s one of the main dudes. Melvin Gordon, but he plays running back so he’s kind of talking different types of things.


Q: Who do you want to cover most in the NFL?

A: Antonio Brown. Just because I like the way he is a hard worker and I’m a hard worker. That would probably be one of the most fun match ups for me to go against. I’m really just looking forward to next year. So, I’d definitely say Antonio Brown and just all top receivers really but I’d say I’m going to lock Antonio Brown up.


Q: Who do you think is the best quarterback going in this draft?

A: I think Lamar Jackson. He’s the best playmaker. I mean he’s accurate, I don’t see what’s wrong with him. I’d say either him or Baker [Mayfield].


Q: Have you talked to Lamar or Baker before at all?

A: I’ve talked to Baker before, I met him twice so far, I think he’s a cool guy. I’ve never talked to Lamar.


Q:Who is the toughest quarterback you have ever faced?

A: I’d say Josh Allen was pretty good, he’s got a strong arm.


Q: Who is the toughest receiver you have had to cover in college?

A: It just depends but I would say Stanley Morgan from Nebraska.


Q:Who’s the best cornerback going in this draft?

A: I am.

Q: What do you think of Kirk Ferentz as a head football coach?

A: I think he’s a really good dude. He loves his players, his coaching staff and he does everything the right way.


Q: What is a defining moment for you so far in your career?

A: I would say really just my perseverance my whole career here. I wasn’t looked at as a starter but I persevered. I kept working hard, I never quit. I never gave up on my dreams so I think it’s my perseverance that speaks volumes.


Q: Lastly, do you play Fortnite?

A: I love Fortnite.


Q: Where do you land the most?

A: Tilted. I love tilted. It gets popping in Tilted.


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